Rotterdam for 2020

Rotterdam for 2020

After months of deliberation, Rotterdam has been announced as the host city for the sixty-fifth edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Surviving the initial rounds of selection for a host city and becoming one of the final two alongside Maastricht, Rotterdam won out over nine other competing cities for hosting duties. The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, was unable to host due to its venues and hotel spaces being filled by other coinciding events next year, while other like The Hague did not have a suitably equipped venue.

Rotterdam’s campaign was supported by the province of South Holland, The Hague, and Dordrecht, in addition to being the preferred city by Duncan Laurence and Getty Kaspers, a member of The Netherland’s last winning entry in 1975.

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and is home to Europe’s largest harbor. With a history stretching back to its time as a fishing village in the fourteenth century, with the name of the city going back as far as the early thirteenth century, Rotterdam has emerged as a major economic centerpiece and export and shipping cornucopia for inland Europe, possessing access to the Atlantic and North Sea and being triangulated in-between the major ports in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

The venue for the contest will be Rotterdam Ahoy, in the main Ahoy Arena, which seats up to 16,400 and has previously held contests by major artists and sports events, including having hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007.

The host city is traditionally announced on the eve of when viable Eurovision songs can be released, on 1 September, to formally declare the official start of the Eurovision season.

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