Madonna to perform at the Tel Aviv 2019 final

Madonna to perform at the Tel Aviv 2019 final

Photorgraphy by Pascal Mannaerts, retrieved from Wikimedia Commons

American pop star and cultural icon Madonna has been confirmed to be appearing at Tel Aviv 2019 as an interval act for the final. She will perform two songs, one unreleased from her upcoming album, and will likely appear during the voting period after all competing entries have performed and before the results are revealed.

Her performance is funded by Sylvan Adams, a Israeli-Canadian billionaire. Adams’s support, which is estimated to cost around $1 million USD, says he wants to help promote the image of both the contest and Israel amidst calls for boycotts due to Eurovision being held in Israel. By bringing someone as prominent as Madonna, who is renowned and a major icon, Adams hopes her appearance will help bolster the size of the audience and help improve tensions.

Rumors swirled about Madonna’s potential appearance for months, with the reactions being a mix of excitement and disapproval. Some Eurovision fans have expressed that Madonna’s appearance may overshadow the competing artists, the majority of whom are mostly unknown outside their own countries, and may negatively affect their careers. Other have expressed the potential gains and international interest that Madonna may bring to the contest, drawing attention from countries otherwise disinterested in the event.

Madonna’s forthcoming album, Madame X, is scheduled for release later this year, though no exact date is known. The album will succeed Rebel Heart, which was released in 2015. Her appearance in Israel will be her first time returning to the country since she last toured there in 2012.

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