Introducing: Darude ft. Sebastian Rejman for Finland

Introducing: Darude ft. Sebastian Rejman for Finland

Photograph by Anton Sucksdorff

🇫🇮 Finland 2019 / “Look Away”

Ville Virtanen, known better as Darude, is a Finnish DJ, was internally selected by Finland‘s national broadcaster Yle to represent the country at Tel Aviv 2019. With Sebastian Rejman, a Finnish-Swedish singer, Darude presented three different songs at Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, Finland’s national selection final, where “Look Away” ultimately won. Darude is most know for his hit single “Sandstorm”, which later became apart of a meme. Rejman, meanwhile, is a part of two bands, The Giant Leap and Sebastian and the 4th Line Band, the latter of which was formed in response to the former going on hiatus.

Watch “Look Away” below, and follow Darude on Twitter and Facebook. Listen to his extended discography on Spotify.