Introducing: Hatari for Iceland

Introducing: Hatari for Iceland

Photograph by Íris Dögg Einars

🇮🇸 Iceland 2019 / “Hatrið mun Sigra” (English: Hatred will Prevail)

Hatari, a techno-industrial band consisting of Matthías Tryggvi Haraldsson, Einar Hrafn Stefánsson, and Klemens Nikulásson Hannigan, will represent Iceland at Tel Aviv 2019 after winning the superfinal of Söngvakeppnin 2019 with their song “Hatrið mun Sigra“. They are noted primarily for their anti-fascist and anti-capitalist themes in their music, which is further exemplified by their BDSM imagery, though they are not without a sense of humor about themselves. Hatari says they are sponsored by “SodaDream”, an off-brand and critical mockery of the Israeli company SodaStream that has been accused of expanding its factories into Palestinian territory. 

“Hatrið mun Sigra” refers to the rise of far-right fascism across Europe and the greater world, with lyrics being skewing to being over-the-top and satirically edgy. Despite the bleak message, and Hatari’s appearance, the band advocates the even if hatred prevails, we should all still love each other to see us through the darkness. 

The band was formed between cousins Matthias and Klemens in 2015, and the band will be joined onstage by Sólbjört Sigurðardóttir, Andrean Sigurgeirsson, and Ástrós Guðjónsdóttir. Despite the harshness of their presentation, they are genuinely nice people. The bands main purpose is too dismantle capitalism, which had supposedly led to their brief break up in late 2018 before they were announced to be one of the competing artists at Söngvakeppnin. The band has released one EP, Neysluvara, in 2017 and a stand-alone single, “Spillingardans”.

Watch “Hatrið mun Sigra” below, and follow Hatari on Instagram and Facebook. Listen to their their debut EP Neysluvara and single “Spillingardans” on Spotify.