Introducing: Duncan Laurence for The Netherlands

Introducing: Duncan Laurence for The Netherlands

Photograph by Paul Bellaart

🇳🇱 The Netherlands 2019 / “Arcade”

Duncan Laurence, who’s real name is Duncan de Moor, was chosen internally by The Netherlands’ national broadcaster AVROTROS to represent his country with “Arcade”.  He competed on The Voice of Holland and was coached by Eurovision alumni Ilse DeLange (of the Common Linnets, Netherlands 2014), who later became a mentor to him. Laurence constantly sent songs he had written to DeLange, asking for her advice, and upon receiving “Arcade” she heavily implored him to allow her to submit the song to the Dutch Eurovision team for possible selection. Laurence was formally announced in January as the Dutch representative, with “Arcade” being revealed two month later in March.

“Arcade” is, at its core, a song that about longing for a lost love that has gone and the burdening pain that comes with. Though keeping the broader meaning of the song universal, Laurence was strongly inspired by a woman he was close to who died suddenly at the age of forty. She had continued to love her husband, even though he had left her, and “Arcade” channels that heartbreak and melancholy. In the music video, Laurence swims nude in a void, presenting himself as vulnerable in a field of seemingly infinite darkness.

Laurence himself is a relatively unknown artist. His main foray into the public was as a competitor on The Voice of Holland in 2014, where he made it to the semi-finals under DeLange’s guidance. Following that, he was a member of  The Slick (at one point called The Slick & Suited), with whom he parted with in 2016. In the intervening years, he attended the Rock Academy, in Tilburg, where he graduated in 2017. Laurence is also openly bisexual and has a boyfriend. He is noted as being a frequent user of the phrase “you know what I mean?”.

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