The Netherlands 2020

The Netherlands 2020

With Duncan Laurence’s triumph at Tel Aviv 2020, The Netherlands have achieved the first victory since 1975 and their fifth win since their debut at the inaugural edition of the contest. They last hosted in 1980 in The Hague, where they were granted hosting privileges due to Israel being unable to fund the contest after winning two years in a row.

While the bidding process for the host city is currently underway, with Arnhem, Den Bosch, Utrecht, Maastricht, and Rotterdam being the top five under consideration. The capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, was unable to clear space in a suitable venue for the contest next year and thus had to withdraw its bid.

The Netherlands is a small but populous country, interconnected by an expansive public transportation system and urban design favoring bike and on-foot traffic. A significant portion of the nation’s shore line has been reclaimed from the sea and lakes, with approximately 17% of the current land area originally being underwater.

Despite the country’s comparatively small size, it is a global economic powerhouse, serving as a major economic and transportation hub in Europe with both the busiest airport in Amsterdam at Schipol and the largest port in the world outside of Asia at Rotterdam. They boast major industries in technology, natural gas, and agriculture, and rank very high on various quality of life indexes against every other nation in the world.